export command within shell script

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Published on 2011-11-14T06:17:57Z Indexed on 2011/11/14 9:57 UTC
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When I use export command at command prompt, it works as expected. But it does not work from shell script.

[[email protected] shantanu]# export myip=10
[[email protected] shantanu]# echo $myip
[[email protected] shantanu]# vi myip.sh
export myipadd=10

[[email protected] shantanu]# sh -xv myip.sh
export myipadd=10
+ export myipadd=10
+ myipadd=10

[[email protected] shantanu]# echo $myipadd

I want to make the variable available to the same script next time when it runs. In other words I am looking for some way to memorize the variable value.

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