Replace %26 in htaccess to %2526

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I would like htaccess to rewrite into

I'm importing a bunch of pages that have ampersands in the title from Mediawiki. These are encoded as %26. Drupal, for various reasons, has decided double encode the url it to have it become %2526. I simply can't create the alisis within Drupal so I have to use htaccess

This is what I have as my rule so far as RewriteRule ^w/([^%26]+)\%26(.*)$ w/$1\%2526$2 [R=301]

I asked this question three months ago on stackexchange and was not able to get it working. I tried hiring a contractor for this but was unable to find one. So this my last ditch effort before I completely give up. I really appreciate the help.

All the best, Patrick

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