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We got tremendous response to video of Error and Reaction of SQL in Sixty Seconds #002. We all have idea how SQL Server reacts when it encounters T-SQL Error. Today Rick explains the same in quick seconds. After watching this I felt confident to answer talk about SQL Server’s reaction to Error.

We received many request to follow up video of the earlier video. Many requested T-SQL demo of the concept. In today’s SQL in Sixty Seconds Rick Morelan has presented T-SQL demo of very visual reach concept of SQL Server Errors and Reaction.

More on Errors:
Explanation of TRY…CATCH and ERROR Handling
Create New Log file without Server Restart
Tips from the SQL Joes 2 Pros Development Series – SQL Server Error Messages
I encourage you to submit your ideas for SQL in Sixty Seconds. We will try to accommodate as many as we can.

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