crash when using wireless network

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Published on 2012-03-20T15:46:26Z Indexed on 2012/03/21 17:39 UTC
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ubuntu 12.04 32 bit

When I start up my system almost instantly freezes, I found that the problem lays with my wireless network, because the crash is always t the same time as the message that tells me I am connected to a network

when I start up connected to a cable everything works fine, I can even see that I am connected to our wireless network, until I unplug the ethernet cable, then it all freezes again

the same happened when I boot from a live cd (from usb)

The problem only occurs on my netbook, my laptop doesn't give any problems.

I don't know if anyone else has had similar problems, or if anyone knows a solution...

Thanks in advance!

greetings Erik

EDIT (21/3/2012):

it seems there is some external factor involved, I'm using my netbook for about 50 minutes now while connected to the wireless network, and still it didn't crash

strange enough, before these 50 minutes I had to put it down by holding the power button, because I decided to try it again, that time it did crash...

before (while connected with an ethernet cable) I've been trying to get my Bluetooth working, that didn't succeed entirely, but I guess that might be a factor in the question why it doesn't crash at the moment

now I rebooted, connected, and no crash... if it crashes again, I'll update this post again.

in the meantime, if anyone has an idea on what could be a factor, and on how to create a crash using that factor, feel free to ask!

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