How to get Cinnamon working in Virtualbox?

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I installed Ubuntu 11.10 (32-bit) in VirtualBox 4.1.8.

I wanted to install Cinnamon, so I did and I have the option to choose it from the login screen, as well as GNOME options.

If I choose Ubuntu I get Unity, which works fine. GNOME also works. But when I choose Cinnamon, the screen goes black and nothing responds and I have to reset the virtual machine.

I have already installed Ubuntu 11.10 (64-bit) onto the PC in a separate partition (currently running 10.10 but trying out 11.10) and in that Cinnamon works perfectly. In VirtualBox I have 3D settings enabled and gave the virtual machine 128 MB graphics RAM, and 1024 MB system RAM.

What settings should I change or what should I do to get Cinnamon working in Ubuntu in VirtualBox?

I have also tried doing it in LinuxMint 12, but I get the same problem, just a black screen when selecting Cinnamon.

So are Cinnamon and VirtualBox incompatible?

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