iOS: Versioned static frameworks vs Git Submodules and included code

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For the last couple of years I've been building static frameworks of common APIs for my iOS projects. I can build a universal binary containing all the architectures (i386, armv6, armv7) and wrap it up in a .framework directory structure. I then stored this in a directory based on the version of the framework. For example ..../myAPI/v0.1.0/myAPI.framework

Once I have this framework I can then easily add it to a project and if I want to advance the version, merely change the framework search paths to the later version.

This works, but the approach is very similar to what I would use in the Java world.

Recently I've been reading about using Git submodules and static framework sub projects in XCode 4.

Im wondering if my currently approach is something that I should consider retiring and what the pros/cons are of the new approach.

I'm weary of just including code because I've already had issues in a work project which had (effectively) multiple versions of a third party API.

Any opinions?

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