Geek Chess: Nixie Tubes as Board Pieces [Video]

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Published on Wed, 27 Jun 2012 17:00:06 GMT Indexed on 2012/06/27 21:20 UTC
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We’ve seen some geeky chessboards in our day, but this board is a masterpiece of geekiness. Check out the video to see the Nixie tubes in action.

Courtesy of a tinker named Tony, we find this delightfully analog and geeky chess set. He writes:

This developed as a spinoff from the hardware and controllers I’m designing for a range of nixie clocks and watches as a ‘simple’ project that wouldn’t need much software to complete it.

All visible parts are made from materials contemporary with Nixie technology and no modern plastics or resins are used anywhere in its’ consruction (other than the electronic components and PCBs). The board and pieces are machined from phenolic resin laminate and assembled using brass fittings. The brown base pieces have been filled and wiped with gold and silver engravers wax, giving a ‘worn gilding’ appearance.

The displays are ex-Soviet Nixie gas display tubes, manufactured in the early 1980s. No Chinese LEDs here…

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