Case Study: Polystar Improves Telecom Networks Performance with Embedded MySQL

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Polystar delivers and supports systems that increase the quality, revenue and customer satisfaction of telecommunication services. Headquarted in Sweden, Polystar helps operators worldwide including Telia, Tele2, Telekom Malysia and T-Mobile to monitor their network performance and improve service levels.


  • Deliver complete turnkey solutions to customers integrating a database ensuring high performance at scale, while being very easy to use, manage and optimize.
  • Enable the implementation of distributed architectures including one database per server while maintaining a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Avoid growing database complexity as the volume of mobile data to monitor and analyze drastically increases.


  • Evaluation of several databases and selection of MySQL based on its high performance, manageability, and low TCO.
  • The MySQL databases implemented within the Polystar solutions handle on average 3,000 to 5,000 transactions per second.
  • Up to 50 million records are inserted every day in each database. Typical installations include between 50 and 100 MySQL databases, up to 300 for the largest ones. Data is then periodically aggregated, with the original records being overwritten, as the need for detailed information becomes unnecessary to operators after a few weeks.
  • The exponential growth in mobile data traffic driven by the proliferation of smartphones and usage of social media requires ever more powerful solutions to monitor, analyze and turn network data into actionable business intelligence. With MySQL, Polystar can deliver powerful, yet easy to manage, solutions to its customers.
  • MySQL-based Polystar solutions enable operators to monitor, manage and improve the service levels of their telecom networks in over a dozen countries from a single location.
  • The new and innovative MySQL features constantly delivered by Oracle help ensure Polystar that it will be able to meet its customer’s needs as they evolve.

MySQL has been a great embedded database choice for us. It delivers the high performance we need while remaining very easy to use, manage and tune. Power and simplicity at its best.” Mats Söderlindh, COO at Polystar.

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