Is it relatively safe to install kernel from "Canonical Kernel Team ppa" than "Mainline"

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I already referred most of the questions stating Upgrade from Mainline Builds or Compiling from latest source or PPA and also concluded that it can cause breakage to Current stable installed system.

My question is regarding the kernel builds from Canonical Kernel Team which i have subscribed in Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit , states

This is the core kernel team as hired by Canonical. Do not use this team, use ubuntu-kernel-team instead.

My stable kernel states 3.2.0-27.42 from Ubuntu repository , also i consider Canonical Kernel Team to be Official ,currently urging me to Upgrade 3.2.0-27.43 , so from the Odd numbered and through the PPA description it is categorized as Unstable. From this ,it can be said next stable release would be 3.2.0-27.44.

Is upgrading to .43 version is stable enough to continue , since .44 will be provide by Ubuntu itself based on .43 version and so on.

Though i can't expect a lot of Changes ,but does it provide new Improvements or just Bug Fixes since it is just a preceding Release.

Also , apart from Ubuntu mainline kernel , is Canonical Kernel Team different. If so , in what development or contribution terms.

Is the Ubuntu kernel developed by Two different teams or same team.

P.S.: Just noticed that sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade provides me upgrade to .43 kernel , which normally requires sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to upgrade to newer kernel available , unless it normally provides message like " Following packages were not upgraded..." , is it an error or an exception to this Canonical Kernel PPA.

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