OpenSuSE 11 iscsi target: HFS+ partition not seen by clients

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Published on 2012-07-08T19:41:51Z Indexed on 2012/07/08 21:18 UTC
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I have an openSuSE machine as a file server, which has an Areca 1880i inside. It contains several partitions. There is a dm-0 and a dm-1 partition, for example. The partitions are formatted as EFI system partitions, with HFS+ file systems. My opensuse could not read them but the iscsitarget exported them for my Macs. This worked for more than a year.

For some reason now, after some network problems which were "solved", my dm-0 partition is not seen anymore! I suspect it is a problem on the iscsi target side, i.e. the OpenSuSE machine.

Can anyone suggest what I should look into? Any logs, any settings on the linux machine? None of my macs can access the partition, and they use different client software!!


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