Unable to recognize hard drive after replacing a drive

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Published on 2012-07-08T01:36:43Z Indexed on 2012/07/08 3:22 UTC
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I have a Poweredge 830 that I had been using with 1 OS Sata drive and 3 data drives. One of the drives had some failing sectors so I replaced it with a different drive. For some bizarre reason the computer would not reboot so I disconnected all of the media drives and did a clean reinstall on the OS drive. Only the boot drive and one of the media drives are now recognized by my Bios. Drive 0 and 2. Drive 1 and 3 are listed in the Bios as "Unkown Device" Any help would be appreciated

I think there may be something wrong with the install. For some reason when I attempt to change the display it says I have a laptop.If you think a reinstall is in order I will try that.

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