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SQL in Sixty Seconds is indeed tremendous fun to do. Every week, we try to come up with some new learning which we can share in Sixty Seconds. In this busy world, we all have sixty seconds to learn something new – no matter how much busy we are. In this episode of the series, we talk about another interesting feature of SQL Server Management Studio. In SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) we have two button side by side. 1) Execute (!) and 2) Debug (>). It is quite confusing to a few developers. The debug button which looks like a play button encourages developers to click on the same thinking it will execute the code. Also developer with a Visual Studio background often click it because of their habit. However, Debug button is not the same as Execute button. In most of the cases developers want to click on Execute to run the query but by mistake they click on Debug and it wastes their valuable time.

It is very easy to fix this. If developers are not frequently using a debug feature in SQL Server they should hide it from the toolbar itself. This will reduce the chances to incorrectly click on the debug button greatly as well save lots of time for developer as invoking debug processes and turning it off takes a few extra moments.

In this Sixty second video we will discuss how one can hide the debug button and avoid confusion regarding execution button. I personally use function key F5 to execute the T-SQL code so I do not face this problem that often.

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