Would Java programmers hire C# programmers?

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I learned and used Java in college. After graduating, I got a job in C#. Two years after, there are a lot more positions in Java. Would I have a good chance to be hired as a Java programmer? What interview questions would I be asked?

Update (07/10/2012):
Thank you for all your answers and comments. I really appreciate it.
I had a chance to work on a Java project for 9 months. It was with a mix of Perl because we were trying to migrate from Perl to Java. Eclipse has definitely improved a lot. I used Maven and Spring MVC. Pretty fun.
So, after the project ended, I did Ruby on Rails. That was a year-long fun project also.
Two years later, I am back to .NET.
Overall, being a programmer has been very sweet. Wouldn't trade it for anything else!

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