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  • How to set the preffered network interface in linx

    - by Mike Cooper
    I have my network set up like this. In words: I have a machine (Calcium, running Arch Linux) that has two network interfaces. eth0 is hoooked up to a router, and is gigabit. Eth1 is hooked up directly to the university network over 10Megabit. The router's uplink is hooked up to the university network as well, and it is also 10Megabit. Currently (I believe) all traffic on Calcium is going through eth0, through the router, regardless of whether it is internal or external. (How can I confirm this?) Ideally, traffic that is destined for the internal network ( would travel over eth0 to the router, and wherever it is going. ALL other traffic should go over eth1. I suspect that this behavior could be acheived with IP tables? I don't really know where to start looking to learn that though, so any links would be appreciated.

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  • Would Java programmers hire C# programmers?

    - by Linx
    I learned and used Java in college. After graduating, I got a job in C#. Two years after, there are a lot more positions in Java. Would I have a good chance to be hired as a Java programmer? What interview questions would I be asked? Update (07/10/2012): Thank you for all your answers and comments. I really appreciate it. I had a chance to work on a Java project for 9 months. It was with a mix of Perl because we were trying to migrate from Perl to Java. Eclipse has definitely improved a lot. I used Maven and Spring MVC. Pretty fun. So, after the project ended, I did Ruby on Rails. That was a year-long fun project also. Two years later, I am back to .NET. Overall, being a programmer has been very sweet. Wouldn't trade it for anything else!

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  • StrongVPN on Ubuntu: Simple VPN Solution That Works

    <b>Linx Pro Magazine:</b> "Ask any knowledgeable mobile user, and she will tell you that the best way to securely access the Internet in public places is through a VPN (virtual private network) connection. So if you enjoy sipping coffee at a local cafe while checking email and browsing the Web, a secure VPN connection is a good solution..."

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  • Campus Network Design - Firewalls

    - by user3081239
    I am designing a campus network, and the design looks like this: LINX is The London Internet Exchange and JANET is Joint Academic Network. My goal is an almost-fully redundant with high availability, because it will have to support about 15k people, including academic staff, administrative staff and students. I have read some documents in the process , but I am still not sure about some aspects. I want to dedicate this one to firewalls: what are the driving factors in deciding to employ a dedicated firewall, instead of an embedded firewall in the border router? From what I can see, an embedded firewall has these advantages: Easier to maintain Better integration One less hop Less space requirement Cheaper Dedicated firewall has the advantage of being modular. Is there anything else? What am I missing?

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  • Install Linux Mint on PC without bootable CD

    - by crosenblum
    Unfortunately my PC's CD drive is not bootable; I have such a mixture of SATA and IDE drives, so until I have more money to redo my controller setup, I can't boot from any cd. Currently, I have a DVD burned with latest version of Linux Mint, and I have an USB drive with an old version of Mint. I have a partition ready to install Linx Mint into, but no idea how to install it, since I can only boot to my hard drive. I am totally unable to boot to CD, so that is definitely out. My main partition is WinXP Pro SP3. Is there software I can use to format my Linux partition, so that I can then just copy Mint over to that partition? Or is there a better way to install linux mint? I have to do it within Windows XP, since that's all that I can boot right now. I have considered Mint4Win, but that doesn't allow a full installation of Linux Mint. Any ideas?

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