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Which platform as the edge today in 2012 with the rise of cloud computing, mobile development and the revolution of HTML5/Javascript between J2EE, .Net framework and IOS Objective-C ???

I want to start learning 1 language between Java, C# and Objective-C and get back into programming after 14 years and I don't know which to choose I need expert advices... I already know a little C++ and I remember my concepts in example pointers arithmetic, class etc so I tend to prefer learning C# and Objective-C but I've been told by some experienced programmers that Windows 8 could flop and .Net could be going away slowly since C++ and Html5/Javascript could be king in mobile is that true ? and that C# is more advanced compared to Java with Linq/Lambda... but not truly as portable if we consider android, etc but Java as a lot going for him too Scala, Clojure, Groovy, JRuby, JPython etc etc so I am lost

Please help me, and don't close this right away I really need help and expert advices

thanks you very much


ElYusubov : thanks for everything please continue with the answers/explanations

I just did some native C++ in dos mode in 1998 before Cli and .Net I don't know the STL,Templates, Win32 or COM but I remember a little the concept of memory management and oop etc I already played around a little with C# 1.0 in 2002 but things changed a lot with linq and lambda...

I am here because I talked with some experienced programmers and authors of some the best selling programming books like apress wrox and deitel and they told me a few things are likely to happen like .Net could be on his way out because of Html5/Javascript combo could kill xaml and C++ native apps on mobile dev will outperform them by a lot...

Secondly ios and android are getting so popular that mobile dev is the future so Objective-C is very hard to ignore so why get tied down in Windows long term (.Net) compared to Java (android)... but again android is very fragmented, they also said Windows 8 RT will give you access to only a small part of the .Net framework...

so that's what they think so I don't know which direction to choose I wanted to learn C# & .Net but what if it die off or Windows 8 flop Windows Phone marketshare really can't compare to ios... so I'll be stuck that's why I worry is Java safer long term or more versatile if you want 'cause of the support for android ??

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