Can I use electricsheep with gnome-screensaver?

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Published on 2012-08-13T01:43:33Z Indexed on 2012/09/02 15:51 UTC
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I installed electricsheep and xscreensaver, started everything up and was amazed and mesmerized for several minutes staring into the beautiful fractile universe,

When all the sudden I moved my mouse and was HORRIFIED by a noisy hideous monster?!?!

no anti aliasing , ugly white box!!! horribly pixelization IN MY FACE

I'm referring to the disgusting xscreensaver unlock box, that seemingly several users have been trying to theme...

But I don't want to theme it. I want my Beautiful Ubuntu unlock screen!

My thoughts are that if I could use electricsheep with the gnome-screensaver then that would fix my problem.

Any takers?

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