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I have a Windows 7 laptop accessing the internet through Verizon wireless MIFI configured as It supports only 5 wireless connections, so I don't want to use up connections unnecessarily. That laptop has an ethernet nic which I have given a static IP of Everything else on the network acquires an address via DHCP from a DLink router whose address is Also on that network are a printer, some network cameras, and a linux pc. The linux pc does not have a wireless card (and I don't want to buy one). The linux pc is located at I can ping the linux pc from the windows pc. But I cannot access the internet from the linux pc. I can ping everything on the network EXCEPT the ethernet card in the Windows PC. It seems as though my DLink router will not route requests to the nic on the windows pc.

My windows pc has a default route pointing to the network. It also has a route telling it to route all traffic destined for the network through the interface.

I have tried adding a default route to the linux pc to "gateway", but that does not work. I have also tried adding a default route to the linux pc to the gateway (the DLink router) but that will not give me internet access either (over the network). I tried these two different routes at different times - I did not set them both at the same time.

I suppose this is a simple problem to solve, but I cannot seem to solve it. How can I give internet access over the MIFI to my linux pc on


EDIT: Additional Info

                                      MIFI ( (wireless)
                                        ( (wireless)
                                         Windows 7 PC
Dlink Router ( ------------ ( (wired)
  |linux pc ( (wired)
  |printer ( (wireless)
  |network cameras, etc ( (wireless)

Only the windows pc is multi-homed with a wireless nic that connects to the MIFI wirelessly, and an ethernet nic with a wired connection to the DLink router. (The DLink permits both wired and wireless connections.) I don't want to use Windows internet connection sharing because I believe it will set up the ethernet nic as a gateway on and a DHCP server. I already have the Dlink performing that role and I don't want to change that if I do not have to. (The Dlink permits me to make DHCP reservations and I really like that feature. I don't want to lose it.)

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