Unable to execute gs program: No such file or directory

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I've setup CUPS + Avahi on my NAS box in order to enable AirPrint with my existing network printer.

Printing a test page via CUPS and printing us lp works fine, and I am able to see my printer on the printer list on my iOS device. However when sending a print job from my iOS device the printer status is set to paused and doesnt print anything.

When checking the error_logs I have found this line which I believe is causing the error.

D [04/Sep/2012:03:20:25 +0100] [Job 11] Started filter gs (PID 7485)
D [04/Sep/2012:03:20:25 +0100] [Job 11] Started filter pstops (PID 7486)
D [04/Sep/2012:03:20:25 +0100] [Job 11] Set job-printer-state-message to "Unable to execute gs program: No such file or directory", current level=ERROR
D [04/Sep/2012:03:20:25 +0100] [Job 11] PID 7485 (gs) stopped with status 1!
D [04/Sep/2012:03:20:25 +0100] [Job 11] PID 7486 (pstops) stopped with status 1!
D [04/Sep/2012:03:20:25 +0100] [Job 11] Backend returned status 1 (failed)
D [04/Sep/2012:03:20:25 +0100] [Job 11] Printer stopped due to backend errors; please consult the error_log file for details.

I have installed Ghostscript, so I'm not quite sure why its saying its unable to execute the program, unless there are configurations for GS that I havent set yet.

Any ideas?

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