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I was a recent guest on Jesse Liberty's Yet Another Podcast talking about the latest Visual Studio, ASP.NET and Azure releases.

Download / Listen:

Yet Another Podcast #75–Jon Galloway on ASP.NET/ MVC/ Azure

Co-hosted shows:

Jesse's been inviting me to co-host shows and I told him I'd show up when I was available. It's a nice change to be a drive-by co-host on a show (compared with the work that goes into organizing / editing / typing show notes for Herding Code shows). My main focus is on Herding Code, but it's nice to pop in and talk to Jesse's excellent guests when it works out. Some shows I've co-hosted over the past year:

Yet Another Podcast #76–Glenn Block on Node.js & Technology in China

Yet Another Podcast  #73 - Adam Kinney on developing for Windows 8 with HTML5

Yet Another Podcast #64 - John Papa & Javascript

Yet Another Podcast #60 - Steve Sanderson and John Papa on Knockout.js

Yet Another Podcast #54–Damian Edwards on ASP.NET

Yet Another Podcast #53–Scott Hanselman on Blogging

Yet Another Podcast #52–Peter Torr on Windows Phone Multitasking

Yet Another Podcast #51–Shawn Wildermuth: //build, Xaml Programming & Beyond

And some more on the way that haven't been released yet. Some of these I'm pretty quiet, on others I get wacky and hassle the guests because, hey, not my podcast so not my problem.

Show notes from the ASP.NET / MVC / Azure show:

  • What was just released
    • Visual Studio 2012 Web Developer features
    • ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms
      • Strongly Typed data controls
      • Data access via command methods
      • Similar Binding syntax to ASP.NET MVC
      • Some context: Damian Edwards and WebFormsMVP
      • Two questions from Jesse:
        • Q: Are you making this harder or more complicated for Web Forms developers?
          • Short answer: Nothing's removed, it's just a new option
          • History of SqlDataSource, ObjectDataSource
        • Q: If I'm using some MVC patterns, why not just move to MVC?
          • Short answer: This works really well in hybrid applications, doesn't require a rewrite
          • Allows sharing models, validation, other code between Web Forms and MVC
      • Adaptive Rendering (oh, also, this is in Web Forms 4.5 as well)
      • Display Modes
      • Mobile project template using jQuery Mobile
      • OAuth login to allow Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc. login
    • Jon (and friends') MVC 4 book on the way: Professional ASP.NET MVC 4
    • Windows 8 development
      • Jesse and Jon announce they're working on a new book: Pro Windows 8 Development with XAML and C#
      • Jon and Jesse agree that it's nice to be able to write Windows 8 applications using the same skills they picked up for Silverlight, WPF, and Windows Phone development.
    • Compare / contrast ASP.NET MVC and Windows 8 development
      • Q: Does ASP.NET and HTML5 development overlap?
        • Jon thinks they overlap in the MVC world because you're writing HTML views without controls
        • Jon describes how his web development career moved from a preoccupation with server code to a focus on user interaction, which occurs in the browser
        • Jon mentions his NDC Oslo presentation on Learning To Love HTML as Beautiful Code
      • Q: How do you apply C# / XAML or HTML5 skills to Windows 8 development?
      • Q: If I'm a XAML programmer, what's the learning curve on getting up to speed on ASP.NET MVC?
        • Jon describes the difference in application lifecycle and state management
        • Jon says it's nice that web development is really interactive compared to application development
      • Q: Can you learn MVC by reading a book? Or is it a lot bigger than that?
    • What is Azure, and why would I use it?
      • Jon describes the traditional Azure platform mode and how Azure Web Sites fits in
      • Q: Why wouldn't Jesse host his blog on Azure Web Sites?
        • Domain names on Azure Web Sites
        • File hosting options
      • Q: Is Azure just another host? How is it different from any of the other shared hosting options?
        • A: Azure gives you the ability to scale up or down whenever you want
        • A: Other services are available if or when you want them

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