How do I know if I am running Wubi or a proper dual-boot?

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I tried to setup a "proper" Windows/Ubuntu dual-boot system, by installing Ubuntu from a USB key. However, I simply could not get the laptop to boot off the USB despite the fact that I made the appropriate changes to the boot device order in the BIOS.

So I then turned to Wubi, and (to cut a long story short) it seems I now have a proper dual-boot setup, because I don't need to launch Ubuntu from windows. When I start the laptop, I get that screen that asks me whether I want to run Windows or Ubuntu.

However, I'm still not sure if this is a proper dual-boot setup, because when I run windows, it seems that my C: and D: drives are still the same size. If it was a proper dual boot I'd expect separate partitions to have been created for Ubuntu which would have removed some space from the C: and D: drive sizes displayed in Windows.

Is there some way that I can confirm whether I'm running a proper dual-boot, and if not, is there some process for converting a Wubi installation to a proper dual-boot?

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