MySQL Connect 9 Days Away – Optimizer Sessions

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Following my previous blog post focusing on InnoDB talks at MySQL Connect, let us review today the sessions focusing on the MySQL Optimizer:

  • Saturday, 11.30 am, Room Golden Gate 6:

MySQL Optimizer Overview—Olav Sanstå, Oracle

The goal of MySQL optimizer is to take a SQL query as input and produce an optimal execution plan for the query. This session presents an overview of the main phases of the MySQL optimizer and the primary optimizations done to the query. These optimizations are based on a combination of logical transformations and cost-based decisions. Examples of optimization strategies the presentation covers are the main query transformations, the join optimizer, the data access selection strategies, and the range optimizer. For the cost-based optimizations, an overview of the cost model and the data used for doing the cost estimations is included.

  • Saturday, 1.00 pm, Room Golden Gate 6:

Overview of New Optimizer Features in MySQL 5.6—Manyi Lu, Oracle

Many optimizer features have been added into MySQL 5.6. This session provides an introduction to these great features. Multirange read, index condition pushdown, and batched key access will yield huge performance improvements on large data volumes. Structured explain, explain for update/delete/insert, and optimizer tracing will help users analyze and speed up queries. And last but not least, the session covers subquery optimizations in Release 5.6.

  • Saturday, 7.00 pm, Room Golden Gate 4:

BoF: Query Optimizations: What Is New and What Is Coming?

This BoF presents common techniques for query optimization, covers what is new in MySQL 5.6, and provides a discussion forum in which attendees can tell the MySQL optimizer team which optimizations they would like to see in the future.

  • Sunday, 1.15 pm, Room Golden Gate 8:

Query Performance Comparison of MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 5.6—Øystein Grøvlen, Oracle

MySQL Release 5.6 contains several improvements in the query optimizer that create improved performance for complex queries. This presentation looks at how MySQL 5.6 improves the performance of many of the queries in the DBT-3 benchmark. Based on the observed improvements, the presentation discusses what makes the specific queries perform better in Release 5.6. It describes the relevant new optimization techniques and gives examples of the types of queries that will benefit from these techniques.

  • Sunday, 4.15 pm, Room Golden Gate 4:

Powerful EXPLAIN in MySQL 5.6—Evgeny Potemkin, Oracle

The EXPLAIN command of MySQL has long been a very useful tool for understanding how MySQL will execute a query. Release 5.6 of the MySQL database offers several new additions that give more-detailed information about the query plan and make it easier to understand at the same time. This presentation gives an overview of new EXPLAIN features: structured EXPLAIN in JSON format, EXPLAIN for INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE, and optimizer tracing. Examples in the session give insights into how you can take advantage of the new features. They show how these features supplement and relate to each other and to classical EXPLAIN and how and why the MySQL server chooses a particular query plan.

You can check out the full program here as well as in the September edition of the MySQL newsletter.

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