Oracle ADF Core Functionality Now Available for Free - Presenting Oracle ADF Essentials

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Published on Mon, 24 Sep 2012 12:04:16 +0000 Indexed on 2012/09/24 15:44 UTC
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We are happy to announce the new Oracle ADF Essentials - a free to develop and deploy version of the core technologies at the base of Oracle ADF – Oracle’s strategic development framework that was used, among other things, to build the new generation of the enterprise Oracle Fusion Applications.

This release is aligned with the new Oracle JDeveloper version that we released today.

Oracle ADF Essentials enables developers to use the following free:

  • Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client components –over 150 JSF 2.0 components that include extensive charting and data visualization components, supports skinning, internalization, accessibility and touch gestures and providing advanced Ajax, windowing, drag and drop and other UI capabilities in a declarative way.
  • Oracle ADF Controller – an extension on top of the JSF controller providing complete process flow definition and enabling advanced reusability of flows inside page’s regions.
  • Oracle ADF Binding – a declarative way to bind various business services to JSF user interfaces eliminating tedious managed-beans coding.
  • Oracle ADF Business Components – a declarative layer for building Java based business services on top of relational databases.

The main goal of Oracle ADF Essentials is to bring the benefits of Oracle ADF to a broader community of developers. If you are already using Oracle ADF, a key new functionality for you would be the ability to deploy your application on GlassFish.

Several other interesting points:

  • We provide instructions for deployment of Oracle ADF Essentials on GlassFish and officially support this platform for Oracle ADF Essentials deployment.
  • Developers can choose to use the whole Oracle ADF Essentials, or just pieces of the technology.
  • Visual development for Oracle ADF Essentials is provided in Oracle JDeveloper. Eclipse support via Oracle Enterprise for Eclipse (OEPE) is also planned.

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