What are the options for setting up a UNIX environment to learn C using Kernighan and Richie's The C Programming Language?

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I'm a novice programmer and have been experimenting with Javascript, jQuery and PHP but felt I wasn't getting a real depth of understanding of what I was doing. So, after reading Joel Spolsky's response to a question on this site (which I can't find now!), I took it back to basics and read Charles Petzold's 'Code' and am about to move onto Kernighan and Richie's The C Programming Language. I want to learn this in a UNIX environment but only have access to a Windows system. I have Ubuntu 12.04 running on a virtualised machine via VMWare Player, and done some coding in the terminal.

Is using a Linux distro the only option for programming in a UNIX environment on Windows? And what are the next steps to start programming in C in UNIX and where do I get a compiler from?

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