How to migrate from Banshee to Rhythmbox?

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As it has been decided, Ubuntu Precise 12.04 will feature Rhythmbox as the default music player. I am aware, that it does not mean that I will not be able to use Banshee, nevertheless I would like to switch to it.

I have been a Rhythmbox fan for a long time, but after the switch to Banshee in Natty I decided to give it a try and completely migrated to it. However, I am not very happy with it, it lags for me a lot and has some other issues.

I would like to export all Banshee data to Rhythmbox. That includes:

  • Music library
  • Playlists
  • Preferably playcounts and ratings
  • Radio stations
  • Cover pictures

What should I do to move all this data to Rhythmbox, get it to work as the default music player, and smoothly switch completely to it?

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