gnu screen - mouse does not work in nested screen session

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I started a screen session inside another screen session, both on my local machine. This is using cygwin, but I don't think it matters. I have tried via ssh to a real unix machine but the behaviour is the same.

Mouse works great in the first screen session, I'm able to open vim with :set mouse=a and I can click to move the cursor or switch tabs, and the mouse wheel scrolls. But in the nested session it does not work, mouse is only useful for selecting terminal text that gets put in the clipboard, but is not able to interact with vim.

I want this to work because I usually work with a local screen session, then ssh to a remote server and have a remote screen session running too (hence the nesting) and I like to scroll swiftly in vim by using the mouse wheel.

Can anyone tell me why the mouse works in the first layer of screen but not in the second, nested screen session, and how I can make it work?

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