Amazon EC2 EBS volume scheduled backup/snapshots using puppet

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Published on 2012-10-01T17:55:02Z Indexed on 2012/10/01 21:40 UTC
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I am not a Linux admin, although I wish I was, and I have seen these questions

And this suggestion

I tried using command line + crontab (the command line works, but crontab for some reason, doesn't)

But I'm still pretty lost, all I want is an automated, rolling backup of my amazon EC2 (EBS) data

(by rolling I mean keep 3-4 weeks back, but delete old snapshots as new ones come for cost control)

And as things usually go, if there is something that is hard and painful, someone creates a solution for it.

My question is simple, is there a way using a tool like Puppet to do it without a painful learning curve?

(or via other tools like

If yes, how?

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