Can't Connect to IIS Ftp Site under Amazon EC2

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Published on 2012-06-22T03:42:50Z Indexed on 2012/06/26 21:18 UTC
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IIS 7.5:
Ftp Firewall Suport: Data Ranges 49152-65535 using external Ip of Amazon EC2 static IP
Ftp IPv4 Restriction: allow: Amazon EC2 static IP
Ftp Authentication: Anonymous: Enabled, Basic: Disabled, IISMgr: Enabled
Ftp Authorization: Allow All Users: Read/Write

Windows Firewall (Inbound):
Open port 21
Open port ranges: 49152-65535
Open port: 20

Amazon EC2 Security Group:
Custom TCP Rule: 21
Custom TCP Rule: 49152-65535

It works on Internet Explorer when I typed the address: ftp://localhost on the server but when I entered the Amazon EC2 Static IP (ftp://IPADRESS) it doesnt connect.

I cant connect also to FileZilla

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