Can I use a Retail DVD media with an OEM key to install Windows Vista?

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Published on 2012-10-05T11:54:40Z Indexed on 2012/10/07 15:39 UTC
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I got a Fujitsu computer with OEM license key and Windows Vista. I would like to reinstall Windows on it. But I didn't get any Windows media with it. However, I do poses more than just one DVD installation disc from my Retail copies of Windows Vista that I use on other computers. Can I use this media instead? Or do I have to order a specialty OEM DVD media from the manufacturer or Microsoft?

Update: I have found some partition called "EISA" configuration partition. It is a hidden partition that I found in Disk Management. How can I make use of this? Do I boot from it or do I mount it to a drive letter and access it inside Windows? Can this be used to restore the computer? It is about 11 GB in size.

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