IIS - Forwarding requests to a folder to another port

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I currently installed Glassfish 3 in a server that currently holds ASP and PHP inside Internet Information Server 7 so we can start moving to a new system architecture (the information system is being remade). Obviously, Glassfish uses another port and without too much configuration (all I had to do is to install it) it worked. If I write www.domain.com:8080, the person will be redirected to the Glassfish server.


Obviously I don't want the person to write the port! I also believe it might also hold some security issues.


I need the server to take an address of the form www.domain.com/gf or new.domain.com or something alike, and when it receives such a request, "redirect" (masking the URL) the user to the Glassfish website (www.domain.com:8080).

Thank you beforehand!

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