Options for gaming remotely on a LAN?

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I have a Windows 7 desktop for gaming, a big bulky tower with a nice graphics card. I'd like to sit out on my porch rather than inside while the weather is nice and play games. I have a high end Macbook Pro. What are my options? I figure either remote desktop over the LAN on the Macbook or maybe wireless video, keyboard and mouse. Something so I don't have to physically move the PC.

The sort of games range from things like Skyrim to SW:TOR to Torchlight 2.

What are my options? They have to do a better than running Boot Camp on the Macbook (MacBookPro8,1 i7 2.7 Ghz but Intel Graphics 3000). I realize there's a lot of issues involved in running a game over a remote desktop with a decent frame rate, I'm interested in a practical answer with real experience behind them. Ideally something that works on a OS X so I don't have to reboot into Windows.

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