Travelling MVP #1: Visit to SharePoint User Group Finland

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Published on Sat, 13 Oct 2012 19:29:30 GMT Indexed on 2012/10/13 21:38 UTC
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My first self organized trip this autumn was visit to SharePoint User Group Finland community evening. As active community leaders who make things like these possible they are worth mentioning and on side there was Jussi Roine the one who invited me. Here is my short review about my trip to Helsinki.

User group meeting

As Helsinki is near Tallinn I went there using ship. It was easy to get from sea port to venue and I had also some minutes of time to visit academic book store. Community evening was held on the ground floor of one city center hotel and room was conveniently located near hotel bar and restaurant.

Here is the meeting schedule:

  • Welcome (Jussi Roine)
  • OpenText application archiving and governance for SharePoint
    (Bernd Hennicke, OpenText)
  • Using advanced C# features in SharePoint development
    (Alexey Sadomov, NED Consulting)
  • Optimizing public-facing internet sites for SharePoint (Gunnar Peipman)

After meeting, of course, local dudes doesn’t walk away but continue with some beers and discussion.


After welcome words by Jussi there was session by Bernd Hennicke who spoke about OpenText. His session covered OpenText history and current moment. After this introduction he spoke about OpenText products for SharePoint and gave the audience good overview about where their SharePoint extensions fit in big picture. I usually don’t like those vendors sessions but this one was good. I mean vendor dudes were not aggressively selling something. They were way different – kind people who introduced their stuff and later answered questions. They acted like good guests.

Second speaker was Alexey Sadomov who is working on SharePoint development projects. He introduced some ways how to get over some limitations of SharePoint. I don’t go here deeply with his session but it’s worth to mention that this session was strong one. It is not rear case when developers have to make nasty hacks to SharePoint. I mean really nasty hacks. Often these hacks are long blocks of code that uses terrible techniques to achieve the result. Alexey introduced some very much civilized ways about how to apply hacks.

Alex Sadomov
Alex Sadomov, SharePoint MVP, speaking about SharePoint
coding tips and tricks on C#

I spoke about how I optimized caching of Estonian Microsoft community portal that runs on SharePoint Server and that uses publishing infrastructure. I made no actual demos on SharePoint because I wanted to focus on optimizing process and share some experiences about how to get caches optimized and how to measure caches.


After official part there was time to talk and discuss with people. Finns are cool – they have beers and they are glad. It was not big community event but people were like one good family. Developers there work often for big companies and it was very interesting to me to hear about their experiences with SharePoint. One thing was a little bit surprising for me – SharePoint guys in Finland are talking actively also about Office 365 and online SharePoint. It doesn’t happen often here in Estonia.

I had to leave a little bit 21:00 to get to my ship back to Tallinn. I am sure dudes continued nice evening and they had at least same good time as I did. Do I want to go back to Finland and meet these guys again? Yes, sure, let’s do it again! :)

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