setting java classpath for Libre Office Base in Fedora 16

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using Fedora 16 OS. i want to use Libre Office Base to connect to MySQL. when i set up the JDBC connection, it asks me for the driver, however, it cannot be loaded (because it doesn't see it in the classpath).

does anybody know how to set the classpath for Libre Office? is there like a config util tool for that?

e.g. my driver is [B]com.mysql.jdbc.Driver [/B]situated in[B] /usr/share/java/mysql-connector-java-5.1.17.jar[/B]. it works fine when i connect from other JDBC clients, like straight Java or Eclipse Quantum plugin. the problem is that Libre Office does not ask me for the (class)path of where it can find the driver and i do not know where and how to set it so that it becomes visible.


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