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We've had a website running on a .co.uk domain for some years, this domain is listed in the SERPS for our brand on both google.co.uk and google.com. We get little traffic from anywhere other than the UK because the website is targeted at the UK market with specific UK keywords.

This is great, however we recently purchased the .com domain with the intention of producing a second version of the website targeted to the United States with US specific keywords i.e. targeting and moving in to the US marketplace.

We have used Google webmaster tools to set the geographic target for the .com domain to be the US.

I think I was expecting ONLY the .com site to show up when searching google.com and only the .co.uk site to show up when searching google.co.uk. However when we search google.com for our 'brand' the .co.uk site is listed in the SERPS. We would prefer the .com to appear in the SERPS on google.com.

Is there anything we can do?

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