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One of the most famous errors related to SQL Server is about connecting to SQL Server itself. Here is how it goes, most of the time developers have worked with SQL Server and knows pretty much every error which they face during development language. However, hardly they install fresh SQL Server. As the installation of the SQL Server is a rare occasion unless you are DBA who is responsible for such an instance – the error faced during installations are pretty rare as well.

I have earlier written an article about this which describes how to resolve the errors which are related to SQL Server connection. Even though the step by step directions are pretty simple there are many first time IT Professional who are not able to figure out how to resolve this error. I have quickly built a video which is covering most of the solutions related to resolving the connection error.

In the Fix SQL Server Connection Error article following workarounds are described:

  1. SQL Server Services
  2. TCP/IP Settings
  3. Firewall Settings
  4. Enable Remote Connection
  5. Browser Services
  6. Firewall exception of sqlbrowser.exe
  7. Recreating Alias

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