GNOME lock screen (screensaver) is missing music controls

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Published on 2012-10-22T19:17:31Z Indexed on 2012/11/02 5:24 UTC
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I have a custom Ubuntu 12.10 configuration (started out as a minimal installation of Ubuntu 12.04 with a number of other packages such as Gnome Shell selectively installed via apt-get and then upgraded to 12.10). (Almost) everything works just fine. However, the lock screen (Gnome screensaver) does not expose a UI to control music playback. Whenever I have Rhythmbox running in the background I cannot pause music playback without unlocking the screen. Obviously some package(s) or configuration bits are not present but I am not able to figure out what needs to be added or done in order to enable playback control in the lock screen.

Any idea what I might be missing? Ideally I would not like to install Ubuntu desktop only to get music controls in the Gnome lock screen.

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