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To follow up on the Identity Management R2 launch, a series of podcasts were recorded with subject matter experts from customer organizations, our partners and Oracle’s PM team to discuss key trends, R2 capabilities, implementation best practices and more. Below is a roll-up of the podcast series that is available on Fusion Middleware radio.

R2 Podcasts:


·         Designing the Next-Generation Identity Platform
Vadim Lander, Oracle
Highlights: Common architecture model, integration, interoperability and the driving factors behind R2 innovation
IT Departments are shifting their Identity Management strategy to be able to support mobile, cloud and social applications. Oracle has anticipated this shift and has built a product roadmap to take advantage of this focus. Join Vadim as he discusses the design strategy behind the latest 11gR2 release and talks about how IDM services have to evolve to meet this new challenge.


·         BETA Customer Perspective on R2
Ravi Meduri, Kaiser Permanente
Highlights: R2 scalability and high availability
In this podcast Ravi discusses the new features in 11gR2 that he is most interested in, including High Availability options for Access Management, multi-datacenter architecture, and what it was like working with the Oracle product team during the BETA program.


·         Partner Perspective on R2
Rex Thexton, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Highlights: Usability Enhancements for Users and Administrators
A lot of new usability features went into the 11gR2 release making this the most business friendly IDM release to date. In this podcast Rex Thexton, Managing Director from PwC, talks about some of the new UI changes for both end users and administrators, and also about the new connector creation framework.


Access Request Updates in R2
Marc Boroditsky, Oracle
Highlights: Access request User Interface innovations
A lot of changes have been made to the Access Request user interface in the latest version of Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2. A real focus has been put on making the request process more business user friendly, and a lot of new customization capability has been added for the IT administrators. Hear Marc discuss the updated UI, and explain how administrators will be able to customize OIM to meet their company's requirements


·         Oracle Optimized System for Oracle Unified Directory (OOS4OUD)
Nick Kloski, Oracle
Highlights: New Optimized System configuration for Unified Directory
One of the new features in 11gR2 is the availability of an Optimized System configuration for Oracle Unified Directory. Oracle engineers installed the OUD software onto off the shelf hardware and then created a performance tuned configuration. Join us as we talk to Nick Kloski, Infrastructure Solutions Manager, all about the testing process and the resulting performance metrics.


Privileged Account Management
Mark Wilcox, Oracle
Highlights: Oracle Privileged Account Manager key capabilities, use cases
The new release of Oracle Identity Management 11g R2 includes the capability to manage privileged accounts. Privileged accounts, if compromised, create a risk for fraud in the enterprise and as a result controlling access to privileged accounts is critical. Hear what Mark Wilcox, Principal Product Manager of Oracle Privileged Account Manager has to say about the capabilities of the offering in this podcast.


·         Browser-based User Interface (UI) Customization
Clayton Donley, Oracle
Highlights: Benefits of Durable UI Configuration framework
Business users need user interfaces that are not only friendly but also easily customizable. However the downside of any customization project is the cost and complexity involved in developing, testing, deploying and managing custom code. In this podcast, we examine how a new capability in Oracle Identity Management around browser based UI customization can reduce costs and complexity of customization while simplifying self service integration with corporate portal strategies.


·         Simplifying Mobile and Social Sign-On
Dan Killmer, Oracle
Highlights: Secure mobile sign-on and consumption of social identities with Oracle Access Management
The proliferation of mobile devices has spurred a new trend where employees tend to bring their own mobile devices to work and access corporate applications the same way they would access from a desktop or laptop. In this podcast, we examine how Oracle's latest innovation in Identity Management around Mobile and Social Sign On can simplify security and access management challenges posed by the widespread adoption of mobile devices in the enterprise.

·         Enabling Your Business with IDM R2
Scott Bonnell, Oracle
Highlights: Self service, mobile access, personalization
Gone are the days when Identity Management was just about stopping unauthorized users in their tracks. Identity Management if done right, can also enable your business. Join Scott Bonnell as he discusses how the IDM 11gR2 release enables the enterprise by providing self service, personalization and mobile access to corporate resources.

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