In windows xp, how can I set the default browser from chrome to IE via Command Line, without admin privs

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Published on 2012-11-08T14:22:48Z Indexed on 2012/11/09 17:05 UTC
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1. Need to Set the defualt browser to IE via cmd(problem)
2. Need to do a citrix login via IE(amounts to loading a url) beause it wont run in google chrome
3. then set default browser to chrome

Windows XP, no admin priv's
no admin priv's mean I can't touch registry

Basic Steps I'm Doing:
In a bat file:
1.Set default browser to IE a citrix SSO login via IE (not compatible with chrome)
3.Set default browser to Chrome
4.kill IE long and prosper

So i have it all running except "Set default browser to IE"

I can set the default browser to chome by using portable chrome's cmd line argument --make-default-browser

but I can't undo that process.

If I launch IE, it pops up that 'make ie default browser' window which stops the SSO process.

So If I can disable that check via bat file, that would also work for me.

Things i've tried that didn't work: shmgrate.exe OCInstallReinstallIE

We are using IE8

Maybe someone can find a chrome switch that undoes default browser:

thanks for the help guy's

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