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Published on Fri, 16 Nov 2012 20:11:00 GMT Indexed on 2012/11/16 23:01 UTC
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This year same as the previous one, Macedonian .NET User Group is organizing the biggest event for developers and coders, event that is focusing on Microsoft technologies, Macedonian CODE CAMP 2012!

The Code Camp 2012 will be held at 24th of November at FON University. In the first few hours we have more than 500 registered attendees and the number is increasing rapidly!

Code Camp 2012

At this year’s Code Camp, I will be speaking on topic “Modern Web Development Principles”, an interesting topic that will focus mainly on updating all the developer with the latest development trends. Here is the whole session description:

“Through lot of code and demonstrations, this presentation aims to update you with the latest web development trends by clearly showing what has changed in web development today comparing with the previous years, what are the newest trends and how you can leverage the Microsoft ASP.NET platform together with all client-side centric development libraries to build the next generation of web apps following the standards and the modern web development principles. This is session for everyone who is involved into Web development in this way or another!”

Quick links for those who want to learn more about this event:

If you are somewhere around and interested to join the event, you are welcome!


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