Creating block devices for openstack deployment using MAAS and juju (nova-volume deployment)

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I'm currently trying to get a openstack deployment working by using MAAS with 9 nodes and juju. To do this I found this guide, working with ubuntu 12.04 LTS and followed it as good as I can. After a vigorous amount of trial and error I finally got to the point where I'm supposed to deploy nova-volume using the "custom" config file. However when my node is started and shows up as running in the "juju status" report the service reports the installation failed. I'm trying to install with juju jitsu by the way. I think it has something to do with the following statement in the openstack.cfg file :

# This must be a free block device that is writable on the nova-volume host.
block-device: "xvdb"
overwrite: "true"

I did some research and found that (at least I think) this refers to a Xen Virtual Drive/device, and because the device is not present on the node it's being deployed to, the installation fails. What I don't understand is how I am supposed to have such a block device available on a machine which was completely managed by MAAS. Does anyone here have any experience with this and knows of a way to solve this, or am I missing something big here. Some kind of missing link between the MAAS and a separate XEN host ? My MAAS server is ubuntu 12.04LTS Server. All help is welcome.

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