Backbone Model fetched from Lithium controller is not loaded properly in bb Model

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I'm using backbone.js and Lithium. I'm fetching a model from the server by passing in a _id that is received as a hidden parameter on the page.

The database MongoDB has stored the data correctly and can be viewed from console as:

{ "_id" : ObjectId("50bb82694fbe3de417000001"), "holiday_name" : "SHREE15", "description": "", "star_rating" : "3", "holiday_type" : "family", "rooms" : "1", "adults" : "2", "child" :"0", "emails" : "" }

The Lithium Model class is so:

class Holidays extends \lithium\data\Model {
public $validates = array(
        'holiday_name' => array(
                        'required' => true,
                        'message' => 'Please key-in a holiday name! (eg. Family trip for summer holidays)'
                ))); }

The backbone Holiday model is so: = Backbone.Model.extend({       
    urlRoot: HOLIDAY_URL,
    idAttribute: "_id",
    id: "_id",
    // Default attributes for the holiday.
    defaults: {

    // Ensure that each todo created has `title`.
    initialize: function(props) {


The code for backbone/fetch is:

var Holiday = new{ _id: holiday_id });
                    success: function(){
                        alert('Holiday fetched:' + JSON.stringify(Holiday));
                        console.log('HOLIDAY Fetched: \n' + JSON.stringify(Holiday));
                        console.log('Holiday name:' + Holiday.get('holiday_name'));

Lithium Controller Code is:

public function load($holiday_id)
    $Holiday = Holidays::find($holiday_id);
    return compact('Holiday');

PROBLEM: The output of the backbone model fetched from server is as below and the Holiday model is not correctly 'formed' when data returns into backbone Model:

    HOLIDAY Fetched: 

iplann...view.js (line 68)

Holiday name:undefined

Clearly there is some issue when the data is passed/translated from Lithium and loaded up as a model into backbone Holiday model. Is there something very obviously wrong in my code?

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