Iverter, inverter cable, or a display cable?

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I was recently hired at a small repair shop. I work indoors while my boss does on site calls for small businesses. I have to troubleshoot and fix laptop screens a few times a week and this is why I'm posting this question.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to stream line the troubleshooting process. For example, how do I determine whether the inverter is broken while also determining that the inverter cable is not. How can I quickly decide that the inverter cable is broken while knowing that the inverter is most likely not broke. Or how do I know that it's just the display cable?

It seems like this is a good way to approach things:

"It could be the inverter, backlight, or the LCD panel itself. Backlight failure is usually hinted at by a pink hue to everything.

Inverter failure usually results in the dimming of images on the screen to the point where the backlight is not even on (the inverter provides power to the backlight)" Source.

While remembering that things "like flickering, screen freeze in dark image and [a] corner starts to get brighter" point to a "failure in the LCD panel itself, though it could just as easily be a loose data cable connected to the back of the LCD." Source.

In short, I'm soliciting advice that anyone might have on how to quickly make the best decision about what's causing problems with laptops display.

Thank you.

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