Used HDD/ran DiskSmartView/40,000 Power-on-hours?? should i trust it w/ my data, or take it back and bitch?

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Published on 2012-12-15T02:06:33Z Indexed on 2012/12/15 5:10 UTC
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I just bought a used hard drive from a University Surplus Store. Decided to run DiskSmartView to make sure it wasn't ready to fail. 40,000 power-on-hours
I don't know if I feel like trusting my data to something that used. I really dont know if thats unreasonably old, but when i compare it to the POH reading i get when testing my other hdds its more than 3x older (my others have 2110 hours, 6150 hours, etc.. It's a Western Digital, so that gives me a little bit of hope(WDC WD4000KD-00NAB0). I could sure use someone else's opinion here.
Thanks, DAVE

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