Difference between accessing a website using Local host and IP address

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I have developed an ASP.NET website and deployed into my IIS server. Now to see that my IIS is installed fine, I type local host in my address bar, and I get the welcome screen of IIS and its documentation in a separate window.

Now I gave the url of my website http://localhost/mysites/site2/Default.aspx I access my site. Also giving my IP address instead of local host like: also works.

Just out of curiosity I wanted to see what happens when I give my IP address in addressbar. It asks me a user name and password saying:The server requires a user name and password.

I donot know what user name and password it is asking, and as of my knowledge I thought localhost points to my own IP address internally. But what is the difference and also what username and password do I need for it?

Update: On chrome and IE just giving localhost displays the welcome screen, but on mozilla, localhost is also asking for a username and password.

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