How to boot windows 8 in a dual boot along with windows 7? [migrated]

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Published on 2012-12-16T01:20:48Z Indexed on 2012/12/16 5:07 UTC
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I have installed a WIndows 8 evaluation about a week ago. Usually, it asks me every time I turn on my computer whether to boot into windows 8 or windows 7. The default was windows 8 after 30 seconds.

I changed that just yesterday to be default windows 7 after 5 seconds. And after I changed the setting, I went ahead and went into windows 8 and did my work.

Today, when I turned on my computer, it is failing to ask me which one to boot it in. It simply boots directly into Windows 7. Is there any reason for this? Can I no longer boot into Windows 8?

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