Windows XP SP3 client over NAT to a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 file server disconnection

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Published on 2012-12-17T15:52:28Z Indexed on 2012/12/17 17:04 UTC
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we just transferred a pilot group from our old(!!) Netware infrastructure to an Microsoft infrastructure. Since then, our users got problems accessing their files. They all experience disconnection from the mapped drives.

The file server is access via a WAN connection by a firewall (Sonicwall) between both network and we do NAT.

All clients have Windows XP SP3 and the file server is an Windows 2008 R2 SP1. On the file server I got many Event Id 2012. Many post over the Internet suggested a problem between the SMB protocol and NAT. We need a short term fix to continue to transfer users from Netware to Microsoft after what will work to remove the NATing.

I found this MS KB that suggested a kind of workaround for Windows 7 clients but I can found anything for Windows XP.

Anyone can help me with this ? We don't want to stop the project and do a network job before migrating.


Update: Our few Windows 7 computers doesn't seem to have this issue.

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