mpicc hangs when called from makefile; runs fine as single command

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i'm trying to compile WRF (doubt that's relevant) and am having a problem where mpicc will hang when run w/ the compile script. icc and mpif90 have no issues. the compile script is executed w/ #!/bin/csh -f

just to be verbose, here's an example. i run the script and get here

make[3]: Entering directory `/home/jason/wrf/wrf3.5/external/RSL_LITE'

and hang. so then i run that line by itself

[email protected]:~/wrf/wrf3.5$ cd /home/jason/wrf/wrf3.5/external/RSL_LITE
[email protected]:wrf3.5/external/RSL_LITE$ mpicc  -DMPI2_SUPPORT -DMPI2_THREAD_SUPPORT -DFSEEKO64_OK  -w -O3  -DDM_PARALLEL -DMAX_HISTORY=25 -DNMM_CORE=0  -c rsl_bcast.c
[email protected]:wrf3.5/external/RSL_LITE$

compiles instantly. starting the compile script again does the exact same thing but on the next file. i have no idea what to do, and this is basically impossible to google for.

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