Sony Vaio CPU fan runs at full speed after installing Windows 8.1 preview

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Published on 2013-06-30T03:51:54Z Indexed on 2013/06/30 4:23 UTC
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I installed the Windows 8.1 preview on my Sony Vaio E Series 14P ( and now my CPU fan is running at full speed all the time. When I first start my computer it runs normally, but a few seconds after reaching the Windows login screen the fan speed will suddenly jump up to max. It's pretty loud, so I'm hoping there's a solution!

I've tried updating my bios to the latest version but that didn't help. I've tried programs like SpeedFan, but that wasn't able to detect my CPU fan at all. My CPU usage and temperature is normal and doesn't warrant the max fan speed.

Someone else has reported the issue here:

Is there any way to fix this without having to refresh/reinstall Windows?

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