Exchange 2010 PST-Export fails

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I'm horribly failing at exporting Exchnange Mailboxes to PST files. Perhaps You are able to help me?

The System

I'm running some legacy machines here. The one I'm currently working on (CurrentDC) is a Windows 2008 R2 Server with Exchange 2010 on it. Exchange seems to be poorly patched:

[PS] C:\>get-exchangeserver

Name                Site                 ServerRole  Edition     AdminDisplayVersion
----                ----                 ----------  -------     -------------------
OldDC                                    None        Enterprise  Version 6.5 (Bui...
CurrentDC           company.local        Mailbox,... Enterprise  Version 14.0 (Bu...

The Problem

After some trouble I managed to get the Export-Mailbox command run:

[PS] C:\>Export-Mailbox -Identity marco -PSTFolderPath C:\ExchangeExport

According to several Websites that seems to be the right command to export the mailbox of the user "marco" to "C:\ExchangeExport".

But after running the command an error occurs (I'm sorry, it is the german version of Windows 2008 - but if you translate Fehler with error and Vorgang with process you should be prepared enough to go ;))

[PS] C:\Export-Mailbox -Identity marco -PSTFolderPath C:\ExchangeExport
Fehler für Marco S ([email protected]). Ursache: Fehler bei diesem Vorgang., Fehlercode: -2147467259.
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (0:Int32) [Export-Mailbox], RecipientTaskException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : 2317FD3A,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RecipientTasks.ExportMailbox

RunspaceId                       : 44415363-371e-44a1-a682-61e6a9b90c86
Identity                         : company.local/Company User/Marco S
DistinguishedName                : CN=Marco S,OU=Company User,DC=company,DC=local
DisplayName                      : Marco S
Alias                            : marco
LegacyExchangeDN                 : /o=Erste Organisation/ou=Erste administrative Gruppe/cn=Recipients/cn=marco
PrimarySmtpAddress               : [email protected]
SourceServer                     :
SourceDatabase                   : Mailbox Database 0279110169
SourceGlobalCatalog              : CurrentDC
SourceDomainController           :
TargetGlobalCatalog              : CurrentDC
TargetDomainController           :
TargetMailbox                    :
TargetServer                     :
TargetDatabase                   :
MailboxSize                      : 0 B (0 bytes)
IsResourceMailbox                : False
SIDUsedInMatch                   :
SMTPProxies                      :
SourceManager                    :
SourceDirectReports              :
SourcePublicDelegates            :
SourcePublicDelegatesBL          :
SourceAltRecipient               :
SourceAltRecipientBL             :
SourceDeliverAndRedirect         :
MatchedTargetNTAccountDN         :
IsMatchedNTAccountMailboxEnabled :
MatchedContactsDNList            :
TargetNTAccountDNToCreate        :
TargetManager                    :
TargetDirectReports              :
TargetPublicDelegates            :
TargetPublicDelegatesBL          :
TargetAltRecipient               :
TargetAltRecipientBL             :
TargetDeliverAndRedirect         :
Options                          : Default
SourceForestCredential           :
TargetForestCredential           :
TargetFolder                     :
PSTFilePath                      : C:\ExchangeExport\marco.pst
RecoveryMailboxGuid              :
RecoveryMailboxLegacyExchangeDN  :
RecoveryMailboxDisplayName       :
RecoveryDatabaseGuid             :
StandardMessagesDeleted          : 0
AssociatedMessagesDeleted        : 0
DumpsterMessagesDeleted          : 0
MoveType                         : ExportToPST
MoveStage                        : Validation
StartTime                        : 05.10.2012 13:55:46
EndTime                          : 05.10.2012 13:55:46
StatusCode                       : -2147467259
StatusMessage                    : Fehler bei diesem Vorgang.
ReportFile                       : C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Logging\MigrationLogs\export-Mailbox20121005-135545-8170000.xml
ServerName                       :

What I have done

Well, I must say I'm quite clueless. I was wondering why MailboxSize is 0 - so I checked it:

[PS] C:\>Get-MailboxStatistics marco | ft DisplayName, TotalItemSize, ItemCount

DisplayName       TotalItemSize                  ItemCount
-----------       -------------                  ---------
Marco S           473 MB (496,011,572 bytes)          4173

Well, this i not 0 bytes - but I don't know what to do with this information.

Also I had a look at the ReportFile mentioned in the output:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <StartTime>10.05.2012 14:19:12</StartTime>
    <Options Identity="marco" PSTFolderPath="C:\ExchangeExport" DeleteContent="False" DeleteAssociatedMessages="False" GlobalCatalog="CurrentDC" MaxThreads="4" BadItemLimit="0" ValidateOnly="False" IncludeFolders="" ExcludeFolders="" StartDate="01.01.0001 00:00:00" EndDate="31.12.9999 23:59:59" SubjectKeywords="" ContentKeywords="" AllContentKeywords="" AttachmentFilenames="" SenderKeywords="" RecipientKeywords="" Locale="" />
    <Item MailboxName="Marco S">
        <Identity>company.local/Company User/Marco S</Identity>
        <DistinguishName>CN=Marco Sc,OU=Company User,DC=company,DC=local</DistinguishName>
        <DisplayName>Marco S</DisplayName>
        <LegacyExchangeDN>/o=Erste Organisation/ou=Erste administrative Gruppe/cn=Recipients/cn=marco</LegacyExchangeDN>
        <PrimarySmtpAddress>[email protected]</PrimarySmtpAddress>
        <SourceDatabase>Mailbox Database 0279110169</SourceDatabase>
      <MailboxSize>0 B (0 bytes)</MailboxSize>
      <Result IsWarning="False" ErrorCode="-2147467259">Fehler bei diesem Vorgang.</Result>
    <EndTime>10.05.2012 14:19:13</EndTime>
    <TotalSize>0 B (0 bytes)</TotalSize>
    <Result ErrorCount="1" CompletedCount="0" WarningCount="0" />

Do you have any clue?

<UPDATE> Regarding to the answer from downthepub I tried to use UNC paths - no change. Also I tried installing the management tools to a client and run the scripts from there - no way, too. </UPDATE>

Thanks a lot for reading this mess!

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