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I have a very old system hp compaq dx2080. It had 1gb of RAM. I recently bought a EVM DDR2 1 GB PC RAM which had a clock rate of 667Mhz. I have dual booting windows 7 and 8.

When I installed it, windows 7 was still using the older 1gb. It showed as 2 gb available and 1gb usable in system properties. I searched around and found that I can change it to max in the msconfig. I did so. I set it 2048. Still, it was using only 1gb. When, I switched to 8, it was using the 2gb.

Now, for my question: My system only supported 553Mhz and 667Mhz RAM. In the BIOS, I saw that the new RAM was showing as 800Mhz. Rechecked using speccy and cpu-z. It showed different values between the two. The RAM is labeled as 667Mhz over it. No mistake in that. But, am I missing something? Please help. And, can I continue using it? My point again. There are only two slots.

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