PASS 2014 Nomination Campaign.

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Published on Mon, 02 Jun 2014 14:57:00 GMT Indexed on 2014/06/02 15:39 UTC
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After discussion with a number of friends, I decided to apply for the PASS Nomination Committee for the 2014 elections. The line-up for this year is very strong, and there are fine candidates that all would do a fine job on the committee. You can see the other candidates here.

My own application for the Nomination Committee can be found here. This provides an explanation as to the reasons for my application. It is also where you can find the application itself.

It would be an honour to be involved in the process of helping select the candidates that will be part of the PASS Board of Director elections later in the year. There are discussions taking place about the Nom Comm process at the following link.  Alternatively you can catch me on twitter at @ctesta_oneill

I wish all candidates the best in the process, the community has a very difficult choice!



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